Logic Concept Company presents its latest computer case model A35. This ATX type construction is characterized by modern and minimalist design. This made of high quality materials product provides excellent protection for key computer components, such as: motherboard, CPU or graphic card. To provide maximum flow of cool air and prevent computer from overheating, inside the Logic A35 case are places for mounting three fans: one on the back wall (1 x 80/120mm), one the front wall (1 x 120mm) and one on the side wall (120/140mm). Construction of Logic A35, allows to mount on the front two 5.25” ODD type drives. Moreover, inside the Logic A35 construction is a place for three HDD discs in size of 3.5” and two 2.5” drives. Logic computer case is also product comfortable to use. All ports and sockets are located in an easily accessible for users  place – in the middle part of the front panel.  Of particular note is the USB 3.0 type port, which provides very fast of data transmission and lets user to quickly charge mobile devices, such us: smartphones or tablets.


Dimension:  (W x D x H): 180 x 425 x 420 mm
Drive Bays: 2 x 5,25” ODD external , 3 x 3.5" HDD
Internal, 2 x 2.5” FDD (internal).
Mainboard size: ATX, micro ATX, ITX
Place for fans: 1 x 80/120mm (back wall)
1 x 120mm (front wall), 120/140mm (side wall)

1 x port USB 3.0
2 x port USB 2.0, 
1 x  audio HD socket,
1 x microphone  socket

Color: black

Space for padlock: yes 

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